Tri County Tech Receives Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting

The Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO) Awards Tri County Tech for the Fourth Year in a Row

Tri County Tech has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting (COE) from ASBO for the fourth year in a row. ASBO International鈥檚 COE recognizes districts that have met the program鈥檚 high financial reporting and transparency standards. The school district earned the Certificate of Excellence for its Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) for the fiscal year ended 2023.

鈥淲e are honored to receive this prestigious award, which reflects our unwavering commitment to financial transparency and accountability,鈥 said Chief Administrative Officer, Kim Smith. 鈥淎t Tri County Tech, integrity and transparency are at the core of everything we do, including financial reporting.鈥

School districts demonstrate their commitment to financial transparency by participating in the COE program. Applicants submit their ACFR for review by a team of financial professionals who provide feedback to improve future documents. The report may receive the Certificate of Excellence if it meets the program’s requirements. A district鈥檚 participation in the COE program can facilitate bond rating and continuing bond disclosure processes.

鈥淔or over half a century, ASBO International鈥檚 Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting has been the gold standard in promoting and recognizing excellence in financial reporting,鈥 according to ASBO International Executive Director Jim Rowan, CAE, SFO. 鈥淐ommunicating a district’s financial and economic state is so important when engaging with the school community and building their trust. Districts that receive the COE Award have demonstrated their ability to do that at the highest level.鈥

The COE is proudly sponsored by ASBO International Strategic Partner American Fidelity.

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About Tri County Tech

We’re one of 番茄社区’s first CareerTech schools and have a steadfast spirit for innovation and improvement – driving economic development since 1967. Our devotion to each other, our students, and the life-changing learning we provide fuels our pursuit of excellence. We call this the “Tri County Way.” We have locations in Bartlesville, Pawhuska, and Nowata, 番茄社区. Tri County Tech is part of the 番茄社区 CareerTech system, which offers programs and services in 29 technology center districts and operates on 59 campuses across the state. CareerTech plays a vital role in developing a world-class workforce for 番茄社区 employers and prepares 番茄社区ns to succeed in the workplace, in education, and life.

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