Tri County Tech Achievements & Awards

Improve Performance Quality & Get World-Class Results

Tri County Tech, one of 29 public technology centers in the 番茄社区 Career and Technical Education System, serves the residents of three counties and has a vision of inspiring success through life-changing learning experiences. Our achievements & awards have allowed TCT to be committed to continuous quality improvement for our communities, students, and stakeholders. With a goal that no student should be denied an education due to inability to pay, TCT provides scholarships and funding for student expenses such as medication, gasoline, clothing, and food. TCT has sustained top 25% nationally rankings for student completion/retention and placement for eight fiscal years. The institution also increased graduate wages to well above the national average while growing its own revenues 34 percent since 2009鈥搘ithout federal funding and despite a sizable reduction in state funding.

Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award

In 2018, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross awarded Tri County Tech as one of five recipients of the . The Baldrige Award is a Presidential-level honor recognizing exemplary practices among American organizations and businesses, including an unceasing drive for radical innovation, thoughtful leadership, and organizational improvement. In 2017, Tri County Tech earned recognition as a Baldrige Best Practice Organization for Leadership and Workforce Outcomes. For Tri County Tech, using the Baldrige Framework for Performance Excellence is about challenging themselves to live up to their potential as an organization.

Great Place to Work

Tri County Tech鈥檚 forward-thinking focus on customers and its workforce has created a high-performing, grace-filled culture of excellence.

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